Family Owned & Operated Since 1998

Todd Cleppe
Chief Executive Officer & Vice President

Maria Cleppe
Chief Operating Officer & President

Dylan J Cleppe
Chief Strategy Officer

Deryck Cleppe
Chief Knowledge Officer

Alysia Cleppe
Executive of Office Affairs

In 1998 Todd & Maria Cleppe Founded C-FAB LLC as a custom lubrication system supplier. CFAB began selling custom material dispensing systems and oil circulating systems.

In the early 2000's CFAB was approached for an opportunity to become an on-site contractor and run the lubrication program at a clients facility. It was turned down because the company was not ready to make that type of move. Instead CFAB focused on getting higher quality products such as GRACO, TRC Lubrication & Special Coatings, Pulsar Lube Single Point Lubrication, USPI Filtration Carts, Behringer Clamps & Filters, Mahle Filters and Bi-Lok Fittings.


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